Ze Future

I’m not the best person at goals and I sense this upcoming one might be in vain but I’ll try to write on here everyday for a writing exercise.  I’ll write at least 100 words per day.  It’s not my goal to be a professional writer but I would like to get into the habit of writing regularly.  If nothing else, it will get me ready to write my master thesis in college.  I have a bad habit of forgetting or giving up on my projects.  Speaking of which, I need to end my gym membership.  I just can’t really afford it anymore with college coming up (where I’ll actually have to pay for my tuition) and my phone and only minimum wage on my job.  Gotta cut back somewhere.  I hate glasses, I wish I had contacts.  My glasses never stay up on my nose.  My mom says I’ll need to marry a doctor or someone rich in order to live the lifestyle I want, haha.  This is how I envision my life 10 years from now.  Part fantasy/part real.

Job: Helping in halfway houses overseas, or counseling, preferably Ireland

Hobby: Interior decorating

Status: Single.  Not by choice, but I don’t really see myself coming home and living a separate life from my job, ya know?  It doesn’t sound like I can just come home and eat dinner like everything’s normal.

I really really really really want to live overseas.


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