“Do you think he committed suicide?” he whispered to my mom.

Why is suicide so taboo?  Especially with today’s society and the increasing rates of teenage suicide, you’d think people would rallying to raise awareness of depression and suicidal signs.  Sure, it’s a gruesome topic but it needs to be talked about instead of hiding in the shadows like it’s a shameful thing.  It’s no fun being depressed, every person knows that, regardless of age or sex.  I got so disgusted when I saw news of a boy who took his life because he was taunted for being gay.  Do people have no better way to raise their self-esteem by picking on others?  Sure, there’s the “It gets better” program which is awesome, but I think some people think that those who get bullied for their sexuality are the only ones who end up committing suicide.  At least that is what’s making the news now days.  It’s so much more though.  Does it really take  death to get a problem recognized?


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