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Lack of Social Life + Introvert= No life

It’s been bugging me ever since I listened to the talk show this morning on 102.5fm where they were talking about social networks and people having no lives because they’re on them so much.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m addicted to the internet.  I check my twitter multiple times a day, Facebook as well, SP, and here.  Some would say I have no life but I guess I’ve always leaned on the fact that I have no real social life so the internet makes up for my lack of activity on weekend nights.  I’m a quiet/shy person so I don’t really make friends that easily.  I’m not using it as an excuse because it’s me and who I am.  People always tell me to “get out there and make an effort” but it’s not like you can just change “shy” overnight.  I’m quite friendly, I just don’t talk, haha.  Anyways, I would estimate that social networking takes up 60% of my life.  I just need to get a social life somehow and what better to do than talk to strangers who have to life either?  If I had places to go with friends, I totally would dump my computer, but everyone’s either living away or extremely busy with work and school.  I do get really bored with being on my computer all the time.  Trust me, if I could take the car and go whenever I wanted, I would be having my own little adventures but since my dad gripes everytime I take the car, I can’t.  School and work are basically the only places I go.  And coffee stops…can’t forget the coffee stops.  If I didn’t have my social network sites, I would either a.) be moping around and be depressed about how no one likes me or b.) filling my time with writing and polishing my piano skills or HEY, actually studying.  Yeah…studying.

I just can’t wait to get out of the house next year.  I’m super psyched to live 7 hours away from this place.  I’ll get to finally live.  Going to a community college and not having to pay for two years was smart but I’m so tired of living at home.  I want to get a move on my life.  I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something because I’ll be the first to move out on time.  I mean, my older brothers didn’t move out for a while and they only went to a community school and did god knows what.  Even though I’m not the oldest, I do feel a slight pressure to do something great with my life and not royally screw up.  I won’t be entering the military as a last resort because I’m going nowhere with my life and I won’t take 4 years to get my Associate’s degree.  I have a plan with my life and I’m determined to get there.  I’m graduating in the spring and I’m off.  No lingering at home without a job or continuing my education.


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