Coming out of the closet…

So I came to the closest I ever have to coming out of my atheist closet.  As we were on a walk, I casually asked my mom what she would think if I switched religions.  Keep in mind that she still thinks I’m Catholic.  We were on the topic of religion because she was inquiring whether I’ve started questioning my faith ever since I started my philosophy course this semester.  Obviously she wouldn’t know that I lost my faith during junior year of high school, but it doesn’t matter.  I didn’t have the courage then to just say, “I’m an atheist,” so I just used Buddhism as an example of converting.  She said that she wouldn’t jump up and down with thrill, but it would be all right.  She refused to speak for my dad though, haha.  I’m pretty sure he would excommunicate me from the family.  It’s quite tedious going to church every Sunday morning and pretending it’s something I still believe in.  I chose not to tell my parents since I still live under their roof and plus they would freak out.  It’s one thing to switch religions and still believe in a higher power but it’s definitely not ok to say you believe anymore.  Both of my brothers kind of drifted away from the faith so I guess my parents are hoping my younger brother and I will hold on to ours.  I wish my parents were more open minded.  I really do have good reasons (in my case) why I see the possibility of a higher power incredulous.  I respect Christians and any other religious people.  I’m not the atheist who hates on religion because I do see the balance it creates in the world, but it’s just not me.


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  1. Well expressed. One sometimes has to just search for the truth. One knows when one has found the truth for themselves. When not the case, maybe appropriate to keep a frame of mind that one is one the watch for any piece of truth that passes by. 🙂

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