Growing up

I don’t understand what I’m living for.  What am I meant to do?  Where am I supposed to go?  I want to live overseas and counsel, but maybe I’m supposed to be a teacher in South Africa or Jamaica or Haiti helping out in impoverished areas.  You know?  I find it really odd how parents send mixed messages, “Grow up” is one reiterated around my life.  “When did you get to be so tall??  Stop growing!”   I have grown up mentally.  I’ve been reflecting a bit on how I’ve matured mentally.  I don’t have the whole “think outside the box” thing down but I’m working on it.  Here’s my list…

Religion- ex-Catholic, current atheist, still searching for something more spiritual than religious

Abortion- used to be totally against it but after that dream, I can understand why someone would do it.  Still not 100% for it.  There’s adoption.

Death penalty- against.  It’s so hypocritical, isn’t it?  Killing someone for killing someone?

Gay rights- totally for.  Never had established ground in the beginning but in definite support.

Views on government/foreign affairs- we should stop poking into other people’s business’ and try to solve the problems we’re having in our own country.  Yeah, I know it’s more complicated than that, but seriously.

Romantic relationship- I can wait.  I’m in no hurry.

Finding who my birthparents are- uncomfortable with the idea, but not closed to it either.

There are a lot more things, but these are the ones on top of my head right now.


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