Does the music you listen to define who you are?

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately.  I suppose my promise about writing everyday was just a fantasy.  Tonight’s pondering: does what you listen to (musically) say something about you?  I’ve always scorned country music since it’s hick and mostly talks about pot, the girlfriend leaving, and screaming patriotism in your face.  Not that I have problem with those things.  I listen to rap, showtunes, and some pop music.  I have to admit, the things I listen to aren’t very intelligent.  I stopped listening to ICP because they were just creepy and oh-so violent.  But then I listen to Eminem.  :/   I suppose some people would define intelligent music as the classic rock and roll or hipster music (not pop or well-known).  I don’t think the music effects me.  I don’t go around calling people “n*****s or “ma hos and bitches.”   Maybe it kills a few brain cells but I think I handle myself pretty well with knowing the difference between lyrics and real life.

I don’t really have anything else to say, I was just writing this to get the prompts after I post, is there any way I can get those without having to post?


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