Moving On

Whoa.  Brain overload.  All of a sudden I feel like everyone’s having adventures.  Australia, London, moving to a new place.  I’m definitely happy for them but at the same time, I’m like, “That should be *me* having those adventures.”  I just feel so restless, especially still living at home where the parental units are still as strict as ever.  I know I’m moving away next year but that doesn’t seem to be approaching very fast.  I have to slog through this semester and then a whole other one.  Gah.  I’m craving a new place, preferably overseas and I won’t make it there for another two whole years.  Argh.  I really really wish I had time in my schedule to study abroad.  That would make me so happy.  I guess that’s not really in the plan though.  I’m just really afraid that after I get my Bachelor’s, that I’ll be so focused to go on to earning my Master’s which will take another two years and with my thesis I have to write and everything.  I can’t really picture myself leaving for a couple months to go overseas while I should be looking for a job and somewhere to live and I need to apply to colleges to get into their Social Work Master programs.  It’s just really overwhelming and I can picture myself finally making it overseas when I’m 40.  The opportune time is this summer, I really think because it’s in-between everything.  I’ll be transferring to a new college and I won’t be in the social work program yet, and I still have time.  I just want a little taste of freedom.


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