Dull, dreary thing called life

Well I was doing all right for a while.  A couple days, I felt really good.  Hopeful.  I rarely feel that way.  Just for a day, I felt like things were actually going to work out and be ok.  Now, I have the same empty hole as before.  Just empty, you know?  I have the same routine everyday- wake up at 6:15, leave for school at 7, get out of school, go home or to work, hop on my computer and do the bare minimum of what I should do for homework, watch some tv shows online, and then go to bed.  This whole semester has been pathetic.  I don’t study really.  I have absolutely no motivation.  Oh dreary life.  I don’t write poetry anymore, I don’t read, I don’t socialize with real people (that’s not my fault), and I’m just really bored of this routine.  Ugh.  Like I have an econ test in 20 minutes that I didn’t even bother studying for a lot.  And I need to pass this class.  It’s required and I don’t plan on taking it again.  I just want to shake myself and say, “Wake the f**k up!”


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