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Wish I could talk…

I really wish I could talk how I write.  The internet is a huge crutch for me because I can compose my thoughts before revealing them to the world.  The world of “edit” is something I’ve gotten too used to.  There’s no “backspace” or “delete” in life.  I don’t really talk much.  I mostly talk to my brother, mumble a few coherent sentences to the parental units, and then get on the computer to talk to my online friends.  I know it’s my choice and not the one I’m destined to live forever.  I can talk, but I can’t extract intelligent phrases to present them making any sense whatsoever.  It’s kind of frustrating to not be able to explain something or even communicate to people on the spot.   My intelligence dumbs down about 3 notches.  I feel calmer when I’m on here or Facebook or SP.  I write lots of letters that I never send.  I just like to collect my thoughts and mull over them.  I suppose in some ways, it’s good I can’t talk, it makes me think twice before I say anything.

One Response

  1. I totally agree. My words are meant for writing. In real life, I am much less bold with my thoughts, and I never open up to anyone. Great thoughts!

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