People need to leave me alone.  I’m really tired of you, ok?  Just back off and leave me alone so I have time to breath.  Also, if you’re going to miss class a lot due to being “under the weather” and keep asking ME to send you the notes, just fucking withdraw from the course.  I was nice that one time I scanned the notes to you.  No more.  I’m also going to fail my soc exam tomorrow.  I don’t know anything.  I was too busy doing my stupid philosophy essay exams.  6 pages of damn philosophers.  I’m really debating on taking the make-up exam but it sounds horrible..all essays- I’m better off taking my chance with multiple choice.  I had a total of 7 espresso shots today…wonder what that’s doing to my body.  College sucks balls.  I’m fucked.  Should be studying for my exam tomorrow but I dunno if it’s worth it.  I’ll make up for it with my research paper.  Fuck me.  Why can’t I ever have straight guy friends who aren’t interested in me???


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