Winter Break!!!

The semester is done.  Ohmigoodness.  I am so relieved to hear those words and I keep on repeating them to myself, slowly letting them sink in.  On top of that, I really think I did well on my Econ exam so I’m hoping with all my might and crossing my fingers and toes that I passed that class.  A 2.0 is pretty bad but at least it’s passing and quite frankly, that’s all I care about.  Eek!  Moving away seems SO much closer.  I just have to do one more semester- ONE MORE at the community college and then I’m off!!!  Freedom,  I can taste you so much better.  January through May.  I can do this.  Ha, I just checked, the day I go back to school, I have off for MLK.  Sweetness.  Anyway, I stopped by the store to get all my baking supplies.  Tomorrow is going to be super awesome.  I’m going to sleep in until 9 (9freakinAM), go to the library to pick up some books for my brother, and then come home and bake all day.  I keep refreshing my grades online, I just want to know, argh!  Here’s a list of what I’m going to make tomorrow…

Eggnog spritz
those peanut butter cookies with the Kisses in the middle
Sugar cookies
Christmas wreaths

I’m actually in a balanced mood right now.  I forget now and then that I have no friends…le sigh.

I’m gonna have a fun New Year’s Eve as usual.  Getting the top two wisdom teeth pulled and then going back on the 9th to get the bottom two.  Fun stuff I tell ya.

I need to do something during the summer.  May through August.  I’m not sure if I can last the whole time at home.  I mean it’s my last summer home, like my mom said, I probably won’t be coming home next summer, not all of it at least.  Still, I can’t survive.  Last spring and summer, I had classes so it was something to do.  I was looking up summer jobs but all of them are about 5 hours away from here meaning I’d have to stay up there.  It would be nice to work full time though…save up some bucks.  I don’t know if it’s worth it applying for jobs around here.  Part of me says “Why bother?” since I’ll be going away in August.  Part of me wants to look for a job up North but I would have to live up there obviously since I wouldn’t be commuting.  It would be nice to get familiarized with the town or that region since I’m going to be living up there.  I dunno…  my friend’s mom said she could get me a job at Applebee’s but since I found out I won’t be getting the car (*glares at parents*) like I thought I was, I’ll probably have to stick to on campus jobs or somewhere nearby.

I was looking up volunteer jobs in state too and there was seriously nothing.  Eghads.  Orientation is May 14th.  I desperately need a life in between then and then end of August.  Maybe I’ll just volunteer at the soup kitchen everyday or something.  June-July, June-July, hmmm.

Maybe I could just take more classes here.  It would be cheaper.


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