Moving away, only 8 frickin months

Oh goodness, so last night I had the jitterbugs because I got to thinkun about moving away and got super excited.  I’m going to NMU in the fall, in case I forgot to mention it, which I think I did, and it’s gorgeous up there.  It’s by the lake AND it’s got cooler weather-both bonuses.  I’m more excited about living on my own.  For the first time ever, I won’t have ask my parents if I can go somewhere at 12am (forget that, they’re already sleeping) and I can go on road trips during the summer if they let me have the car.  My mom already isn’t expecting me to come home during the summer- she says I’ll have a job probably and stay up there- which is nice because I’m already making plans for summer 2013 and going to visit a friend in New York.  I’m never going back home permanently.  I don’t think I could bear it.  These are my last few months at home.  Ohmifreakinggoodness.  I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.  Just 8 months.  5 is school.  I can totally do this.  I just have this image that my life will totally flip around.  I’ll do lots of exercising like hiking and kayaking and I’ll get into the social work program and I’ll be someone on the right path.  Like mind blowing.  Living at home was a smart idea financially but I just feel like it’s this heavy chain and ball attached to my ankle.  I’m 19 years old and I still am treated like I’m a kid.  Anyway, this is my current happy place.  Imagining moving away.

Counting down…8 months.  8 moooooooonths.


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