Herp Derp

I’ve officially started drinking coffee black, mission accomplished.  This also means I won’t have to buy sugar or cream when I’m away.

Things I need for NMU:

Winter wardrobe- in the process of getting lots of thermal wear and heavy duty stuff!

Coffee maker- was supposed to get one from the rents for Christmas but got boots instead, eh it’s all right, I needed the boots too.  I’ll maybe get one for my birthday or just buy it myself.

Get housing- I have the app up on my screen but I don’t have a printer hooked up to my laptop so that means I have to get on the other computer on the opposite side of the house and print it off.  That’s how lazy I am, yes.  I need to do it pronto, I really want to live in with the other juniors, no freshmen for me!

Bed- find out if it’s those weird extra twin size beds, I’ll need sheets if they are

Orientation- all set in May, yessss

Fill out job applications ASAP- I’m debating whether to do this when I go up for orientation.  It might put me ahead for the fall but if they need an interview, I don’t know about driving 7 hours just for an interview.     O.o

Join social groups- social work club, hiking, and others.  I’m going to kill myself with an overload of social activities.  And I’m going to burn 20 pounds of this fat off, damnit!

Snowshoes- my dad actually might have a point this time…they might come in handy.  I just find the idea of clomping around in snowshoes hilarious.

So excited. Wheeee!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you have it all planned out! You’ll do great up north!

    Question: where exactly is “north” for you? We seem to have different definitions… I think. 🙂

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