Remaking Myself

I get the chance to completely make myself over.  Where I’m going in the fall, only two-ish people know me.  Besides that, I can be a different person.  My mind buzzes with ideas.  Should I be “hipster Katie” or “goth girl”?  Just kidding, I wear dark clothes enough as it is.  Besides, I don’t really have a certain style.  I don’t know how to dress in a certain style.

So…who do I want to be?

I would love to wear dresses everyday but I need to lose weight, I don’t like my arms.  I’ve been collecting dresses to wear for forever. 😛

I really think when I lose weight, most of my problems will be diminished.

I want to be the “regular” at a coffee shop and be asked if I want “the usual”

I want to dance in the rain during spring storms

I want to be slender

I want to be attractive but not “hot”

I want to walk around with headphones, real ones

I don’t want to be a party girl

I want to be healthier- run every afternoon and such

I want to be unique.  It’s so cliche though.

I need to improve my study habits.  If I 3.5-4.0ed my GPA during the last two years, that would be amazing.  I love how my GPA starts completely fresh when I transfer.


Things I don’t want to change about myself:

My quietness.  I mean I want to be more outgoing but I don’t want to turn into a crazy, obnoxious person.

Modesty- I don’t dress like a nun but I don’t dress slutty either.  I don’t like my body, that’s mostly why. XD

I generally like who I am though.


Like this year I haven’t really made any effort.  I wear jeans and a hoodie everyday.  My hair varies more than my dress and that’s not really saying much.  I haven’t dressed up since high school.


Ah well, I have more time to think about it.


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