Writing Bug

Finally started writing again, for reals, yes!  I’ll even share a bit with you ^_^


“I have a certain fascination about the antagonists in novels.  I’m not sadistic by any means but I find a sort of alluring aura about the evil-doer’s persona.  I always imagine there’s some story of why they came to be who they are.  Like how they cannot just be purely evil.  A horrible or eye-opening event happened and they finally realized they were not enjoying a mere circus show but an arena of death concluding acts.

Such is life, are you aware?  It is my belief that no one is truly alive until they suffer.  I’m not referring to the type of physical pain which can be sewed and mended.  No.  I’m talking about the everlasting pain.  The one that drives you crazy to think about it for more than a minute.  Heartache, death, losing someone metaphorically when they’re actually shoulder-to-shoulder with you.  Those kind of sufferings.  The ones that threaten to take you down into that black hole.”

-original work by me, please don’t copy



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