My Spontaneous Life…not

I’ve literally been flipping back and forth between Facebook and Twitter for the past half hour on my phone. My brother had to take my laptop to the science fair so here I am, forced to type this post from my phone. First world problems here, people. Le sigh. I do have the option of socializing but each time I scroll through my contacts, I don’t feel like talking to anyone really. My CD ended and I’m too lazy to get up and turn it back on. I could just use my headphones and listen to Pandora but I don’t wanna do that either. I’m in a difficult mood. 😀 I actually wish I had my textbooks. I haven’t bought them yet-rule of the wise during the first week of school. I could use them now though. I’m bored. Yep, now you know. These are how my weekend nights are- full of excitement and spontaneity. Bleh.  My mouth is still a little sore, weird. Ah well, I think I’ll go work on my math packets. I’m doing this WILLINGLY. ON A THURSDAY NIGHT. THE CLASS ISN’T UNTIL TUESDAY. WTF. Okee, I’m gone.


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