can’t think…

of an interesting title.  My legs are so freaking sore.  I’m definitely out of shape.  I’m not sure about working out- is it good to work out every day?  Wait, that sounds dumb, it’s all good.  I feel accomplished.  I did a whole chapter of homework *gasp*  I finally got my books- college textbooks, gawd they’re a rip off.  I had to buy the binder version of a book which the store absolutely does not buy back so there goes $100.  I need to send in my housing application for the fall…I really want to live in the junior-status building.  I have a whole list of stuff to do.  Bleh, I’m still sleeping in until 10 tomorrow, yesss,  I love afternoon classes.  I only say 10 because any later is when my head is on the chopping block.  Kidding.  Sort of.  I completely blew my diet today with the cookies I had.  Eghads.  I’m in a rut, my rule is to always nurse the wallowing XD anywho, my battery’s about to die.  *big yawn* Cheers.


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