Introverted Friday Night…

It’s Friday night and I’m here in my room alone with the earbuds shoved in.  My typical exciting night.  Whee.  I told myself I should be social this weekend and hang out with people…  This weekend I have to clean my room and do my homework.  And honestly, I’m actually looking forward to that.  Am I totally weird?  I think so.  I just finished my book; I’m in a Peter Pan mood right now.  I try not to let myself get carried away with fantasy, but flying, mermaids, and pirates?  What better else to read?  Hmm, don’t answer that, but it’s my guilty pleasure along with the chocolate cookies under my bed.  Muwahaha.  I have to even out my pathetic life with some chocolate-y goodness somehow.

I should feel lame, right?  I should be out partying or hanging with friends.  The thing is, I don’t really want to, I guess.

I had lunch with my aunt (my mom’s sister) yesterday.  She wanted to talk about my brothers and mom.  I don’t mind but it’s like I’m expected to join forces and rebel against my parents.  I mean she doesn’t exactly put it like that but I can tell she thinks I’m like my brothers and how I just am longing for someone to understand me and protect me from my evil parents.  I know I complain about my parents a lot but they do a lot of good things.  It’s just on the emotional level where we all get tangled and confused.  Anyhow, just a thought.

The weekends aren’t different from any other day…

I agreed to go out to dinner on Thursday with a friend.  Red Lobster.  I detest seafood.  Just eating those poor lobsters that were in the tank just seconds ago…alive.  Ew.  And I don’t appreciate the smell either.  Ah well, I’ll just get fish and chips or something.


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  1. You’re not weird. You’re limited edition, like me. Cheers!

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