Just Because

So I went out and socialized with a friend earlier *gasp*.  It was much needed.  The socializing part, I mean.  I probably should do it more often.

I can’t wait until I move away and live on campus.  Commuting sucks.  No proper socializing and tons of money put into gas.  I suppose that’ll be ok that I won’t be getting the car when I go up north even though I’ll be minority of upperclassmen who won’t have their own vehicle.  Ah well, I can’t wait until my phone plan DIES.  Buying a smartphone was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done.

My receipt tonight was $6.66.  O.o I’m afraid.  Verrrry afraid.

Oh gosh, I sound awful but I absolutely love when people from your old high school turn into party animals or drop out.  It’s so satisfying to see that you’re on top now.  They might have had good days in high school but they’re so screwed now.  I don’t have any specific resentments, I got along with almost everyone, but still…super satisfying.

Herp derp.

I don’t understand when people tell you to grow up but when you do, they ask where all the time went.

I’m at 50 Facebook friends, that’s wayyyy too many *sarcasm* gotta unfriend xP

I’m blathering just because I should.  It’s a good habit to blather.


4 Responses

  1. Funny, if I could go back, I’d choose to be a commuter. Living close to (but not on) campus has been one of the worse mistakes I’ve ever made. People are too loud and have no respect for other students that may be studying/sleeping. But hey, that is just my experience. You’d probably love it more anyway 🙂


  2. Socializing=good; Commuting=bad.. We hear you! Feel like blathering about the pro’s and con’s of commuting on our Campus Connection blog? We think it’s a good habit too.

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