Study Abroad: Not in the equation :(

I’m green with envy right now.  Ahhhh, don’t be a bitch, Katie.

My friend’s definitely going overseas to study abroad this summer.  In Italy.  I’m. So. Jealous.  She deserves it, I’ll admit that.  She’s double majoring and she’s the kind of person who is on the honor roll every semester.  I’m still jealous.

I can’t study abroad because it won’t fit in my schedule which means I’ll have to wait until after I earn my Bachelor’s, if I even have time then.  And by that time, it probably won’t be “studying abroad,” it’ll be out of my own pocket.

Damnit.  She’ll be having all kinds of grand adventures that I should be having.

I sound like a selfish bitch, I know.

Everyone’s having adventures 😦  One acquaintance is getting ready to go to South Korea to teach for a year, another friend is studying abroad in Africa.


I’ll never make it over there…  I can see my dream bubbles being popped right now.  *poke*



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