Just realized college involves money…

I’ve never had to worry about financial aid because of the scholarship I’ve had which paid for the whole two years of community college minus books.  Next year, I enter the world of typing multiple essays trying desperately to accumulate enough scholarships to make a dent in tuition and that whole nonsense so I have to take less loans out as possible.  I know my parents will help me out, but a.) that’s kinda really pushing it with them paying for my brother’s private school tuition too and b.) I want to depend on my parents financially as little as possible.  I’d much rather take out loans than taking money from them and paying them back.

So the meal plan I signed up for next year is an 8-meal-a-week dealio which also includes an extra $355 per semester and approximately $71 each month (not bad) for other food purposes on campus.  I swear, meal plans cost so much.  I plan on eating Ramen and salads though so it should be good.  I’ll try to not take advantage of the unlimited grazing they allow during each visit.

Tuition- about $8, 414

Room and board- $5, 339

Meal plan- $2, 774

Rec pass- $130

Athletic pass- $112.50

Plus books

Scholarship- I got $1000 without really trying

So this adds to roughly about $15, 769

I’m not sure if I’m adding in room and board correctly.

$15, 769.

And that’s “cheap.”   The other school I was considering- the tuition, JUST the tuition is $30,000.


I’m lucky I got by the first two years of college for basically free.
I should work out tomorrow.  I really should start doing this every day dealio I said I’d do.

I’m so tired.  I drank two cans of doubleshot from Starbucks when I got out of work.  That’s how exhausting my day was.  Had enough energy to make dinner.  Gotta shower…  Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow anyhow.


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