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Ahh, it’s finally the weekend.  I did my socializing for this week- had dinner with a friend and ate some delicious salmon!  I’m ready to take a hot shower and change into sweats and do some cleaning.  Yeah, I’m a dork, I know.

I finally talked with an adviser about some questions I had.  Field work= internship.  Gotcha.  I don’t know how hard the social work program is to get into but I hope it’s not extremely competitive.

I have my first exam on Tuesday- math.  I actually feel pretty good about it.  I’ll review some stuff, there’s a little I have to memorize but I think it’ll be all good!  I’ll either do awesome on it or completely bomb it.  I won’t dare to hope but if the class is going to be anything like it is now, I might be able to 4.0 it.  This is the third week and the professor’s only taken attendance twice, haha.

I took my fitness test today for my gym class and apparently I lost 20-ish pounds since last year.  I don’t really see how, but I’ll take it.  I definitely haven’t been eating fast food as much as I did last year and when I do, I’ve been ordering salads and stuff.  No more McDonald’s and TBell.

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