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Irrational Anger

I don’t care for football at all and the only reason I watched the whole thing this year was because my mom had us all play Super Bowl Bingo- where you have spaces about commercials and penalties in the game.  Anyway, I had decided that I wanted the Patriots to win, even though I hadn’t watched any of their previous games and everyone in my family was rooting for the Giants.  I get irrationally “pouty” when my team doesn’t win.  I say “pouty” because I really don’t give a damn but I hate losing.  I don’t get it; it’s so dumb.  All of a sudden, every jeer against the losing team becomes personal.  Mind you, I’ll be going to bed here in a few minutes and have a peaceful slumber but whatever.  Irrational, unreasonable, completely stupid.  I’m going to bed.  I never did get a Bingo.  Ciao until tomorrow.

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