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I failed my math exam.  I have got to be the biggest Asian failure ever.  Well ok, technically I don’t know my score yet but I mislabeled some points.  Damn.  Ok, I’ll try to think positive until he hands back the tests with a 2.0 marked on mine.

At least I got a seat in Starbucks.  There’s never seating available when I come here during this time.  Maybe people felt sorry for me so they gave me advance seating.

It’s about time California approved gay marriage.  Isn’t California the big gay state?  Maybe I’m just being stereotypical.

Question.  I ordered a doubleshot over ice.  That automatically translates into “Starbucks double shot with cream,” doesn’t it?  I guess not. I have a hard time with coffee lingo.  I got just plain espresso shots over ice.  I added cream though so it’s all good.

I should put an effort into dressing up more.  I have clothes I can wear.  Nicer ones, I mean.  Like in the morning, I don’t care at all what I look like.  Midday, I start noticing girls with cute clothes, and I’m like, “I can do that too!” 😛   All the clothes I buy and never wear are stocking up in my closet.

I want to go shopping.  ^_^

I made a deal with myself.  I can go on a shopping spree at the end of the summer if I don’t spend any money except for gas during the summer.  Realistically, allowing spending during social outings, but no other crap.  The way things are looking, I’m going to be stuck at the library for a while more.

I need a picture for my nanny profile… I don’t have any good ones.

My battery isn’t going to last me another hour.  57%= about a half an hour.  It doesn’t read very accurately…  So I figure when it dies, I’ll grab a salad and head back to campus to use the computers there. xD

I like mermaids.

And I like odd music.  I swear, the odder it is, the more appealing it is.  Just came across Bjork.  Apparently I’ve been living under the rocks again because my friend told me she’s quite famous for her sense of strangeness.  I’ve never heard of her.  Shrugs.  I know I’m just joining the crowd, but I really really like Lana Del Rey.  Her voice and her songs are cool.

Espresso, yummm.


I was cursed with a small bladder.

I want to learn how to snowboard.  Last night I was dreaming of snowboarding and being the next Olympic star.  Hmph.

So yesterday while I was working, this guy who comes in a lot and asks me how I’m doing came up and asked me what my favorite color was.  Then he said, “Well…the reason I asked you was because…I like you.”  (which I had suspected for some time).  And being the awesome speaker I am when caught unaware said, “Thank you…”   Sigh.  It was sweet of him to tell me but he’s not really my type.  Still, I know the pains of telling someone you like them so it was nice.


3 Responses

  1. Best singer ever, enough said!

  2. Wow! your ever so random! Love this post 🙂

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