Due to the past two nights of me sitting with my parents and watching them talk and read, I think they took pity on me tonight and didn’t have a problem with me going to the movies later.  xD  There’s a plus side in there somewhere.

Lately, I’ve been feeling really unhappy because I’ve been stuck in the same routine.  I watched an episode of “Last Man Standing” (hilarious btw) and the theme was the lack of being spontaneous and adventurous.  I just read Lesley Carter’s post earlier and the same thing- spontaneity.  I would love to do something awesome like that.  I’m bored and I’m tired of the same school-work routine.  I know it’s what’s expected of me, being the typical 19 year old who’s going to school full-time and working part-time and I don’t have a problem with that but I feel like I should be making up for my boring-ness in my free time.  People ask, “What’s new with you?” and my typical response is, “Nothing really.”  I occasionally mention a test I have that week or something but it’s not much to add.  I’m finding I’m losing my focus in my classes and that’s definitely not good so early in the semester.  A kid sitting next to me in math class scoffed, “This is so easy,” and I laughed weakly but honestly had no clue what was going on because I hadn’t been paying attention since the beginning of the class.  I have an exam on Wednesday for sociology and I’ve kinda studied for it.

Speaking of which, I met with a fellow classmate to study for the socio exam and he doesn’t even have a book.  So basically he just wanted to mooch off my answers.  Why would you NOT have a book a month into the semester?  And think that I’m going to let him use me like that?  He wanted to study again this weekend but I made an excuse.

So yeah, I’m going out tonight.  My little brother’s tagging along.  I told him he could come only if my dad said yes.  It’s from 9-11pm so I hardly thought he would say yes on a church night.  I don’t mind though.  It’s a movie so he can’t wreak too much havoc.  We’re going to see “The Secret World of Arriety.”  I’ve never seen an anime film before but I liked The Borrowers so it should be cool.

Plus, any excuse to get coffee during the weekend is good by me.

Shucks, this means I’ll have to change out of my sweats I’ve been in all day.  Almost made it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my story, I’m glad to hear it inspired you! There are so many opportunities for spontaneous adventures (big and small), I’m sure you will find one if you keep looking 🙂

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