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Oh man, I had Chinese for dinner despite my promise not to eat it for a while.  We’ve never eaten it when the whole family’s here though; it’s always when my dad and brother are gone.

I’m feeling slightly better and I’m not even drugged on coffee!  I even started a study guide for my soc exam.  That’s probably as far as I’ll get for today but at least I’m making an effort.  xD

I have to thank my followers and viewers.  Holy jeepers, I had 49 views yesterday, awesome!  I know I don’t write the most entertaining or even blog-worthy topics but it’s nice to see the support!

So I’m making my workout playlist which is horribly overdue and I only have Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.”  Any suggestions in that beat range?

Tomorrow’s another Monday…  I’m almost done with my gym class!  I think we finish before spring break.  Speaking of which, anyone doing anything for spring break 2012 or are you staying in town like me?  I honestly don’t understand how anyone can afford to go anywhere out of state unless you’re doing alternative spring breaks or your parents still pay for your vacation.  I went to a private school and I know a few people whose parents are paying for their college tuition AND spring break to Cancun.  What.the.hell.  People will never learn independence, yeesh.  I’ve never gone anywhere for spring break and never really had the desire to.  My friends and I have talked about going places but more for the sake of just going somewhere and definitely not to Cancun or Mexico.

I need goals…

Call soup kitchen and start volunteering no later than by the end of spring break

Start working out everyday like promised!

Lose 20 pounds before fall

Call WCC

Fill out applications- re-submit Starbucks too

Stop spending money on anything besides gas…and coffee.  Strictly coffee…and espresso.  Besides that, nada.

Start taking classes seriously- gotta keep up my 3.3 gpa!

Call dermatologist to get prescriptions renewed/whatevs before I move

Call NMU to see if I got my housing that I wanted

Get dad a birthday present

6 Responses

  1. 3.3 GPA? WOW, that is AWESOME! 😀

  2. goals are a good thing. but they are a great thing when we actually set out to do achieve them! good luck!

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