Nutrition on the Go

As a commuting college student, I spend a lot of money on food.  I’ll just admit it.  You’d think I’d spend less money since I can eat at home but due to my weird class times, it’s more difficult than it sounds.  I wake up on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6:30 and do NOT have the motivation to make two meals for the day.  I’m away from the house until past 6:30 (12 hours for you math haters) and have to pack food for my lunch and work break.  On Tuesdays, I can manage lunch but between my three hour break between my afternoon and night class, I’m starving and eat dinner before my three hour night class.  Getting Subway or Tim Hortons sounds so much more appealing than my peanut butter sandwich so that’s usually what I do (can’t have the jelly because the bread gets all soggy).  Also, there’s nothing to freaking eat in this house.  I exaggerate, of course.  My dad does the shopping and while he’s not the worst shopper in the world, he fails to stock up on the necessities until one of us finds the last can of tuna or eat the last two pieces of bread.  I know it sounds like I’m whining and am ungrateful.  I just can’t eat tomato soup and eggs everyday.  Well, ok, I could.

I was trying to find food for tomorrow and I was going to make an effort at bringing a homemade lunch.  Since tomorrow’s Ash Wednesday and my parents are Catholic and still don’t know I’m not, I had to pack a meatless meal.  So far I have carrot sticks and two hard boiled eggs.  That is NOT going to last me.  -side note- even though I’m not Catholic anymore, I find sacrificing something up for Lent ideal so I’m giving up spending money on anything other than gas and my phone bill-    Ok, so here I am trying to find a successful meal for my first day of sacrificing and we don’t have any bread, any meatless soup, and anything meatless-leftover in the fridge.  So it looks like I’m buying easy mac tomorrow.  Sigh.  Ooh, I should add macaroni and cheese to my dad’s grocery list too.  xP   This will be a good thing about moving away, I can buy my own meals.  Lots and lots of salads.  I hate spending money on food all the time, I really do.  It’s just that stopping somewhere isn’t that inconvenient and it tastes better.

On a side note, I don’t really understand Christians.  Young Christians…in college to be specific.  Supposedly they’re “Christians” but in my tweets and on Facebook, I only see things about partying, drinking, and getting laid.  It’s  so hypocritical.  I understand that they’re people too and make mistakes but isn’t that stuff “sinful” for them?  “Do as I say and not as I do” I guess?  I’m an atheist and I’m living a more “moral” life than them, how ironic.


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