My vacation was pretty…eventful.  Besides the part where the CDs I made only played halfway through (it’s ok, I had 7 of them), the drive wasn’t that awful although two hours was long.

Friday: Left and met my friend around 3.  We hung out at his dorm, went to the rec, and I met some of his friends.  At 10:30, we joined his friend and drove to the club about a half hour away.  Lemme tell ya, I know I’m a horrible driver but now I know what it’s like to drive with me.  The girl who drove was…well, I thought I might not make it home that night!  Clubbing- not my thing.  I awkwardly swayed side to side, trying to look like I was having fun and knew what I was doing but I’m sure I looked stiff and plain awful at dancing.  It wasn’t a horrible experience but it’s not something I would jump do to again.  It might have been less awkward if I were with people I knew.  I mean, I knew my friend, but there were about five other girls who were all nice, just that I didn’t know all that well and me being the shy person I am, didn’t really connect that much.  Dancing by yourself sucks.

Anyway, we got back to the dorm around 3am, I fell asleep and woke up five hours later (fml), and debated on whether I should take a shower or not while everyone else was asleep.  Also awkward- using a bathroom that’s shared by three other guys whom I do not know is weird.  I really needed a shower though…  I said my goodbye and started on my two hour trip to my other friend’s college, happily munching on popcorn and drinking a Coke for breakfast.  So healthy-not.

I made it to her place in the afternoon.  It was Saint Patrick’s Day and I forgot to pack green!  *facepalm*  oops.  And then…we went to go see BO BURNHAM!  He’s freaking hilarious.  Crude humor but totally funny.  It was kind of ironic because the comedy show was in a church and there was definitely some R-rated things being said.

It was a splendid weekend though, I got a taste of the college life that I really want and it tastes really good.  Being in a college town with people my age…

I just cannot wait to go up north.


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