“A Noticeable Nobody”

Warning, this is going to be another “poor me” post.  I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and it just all builds up after a while, you know?

I don’t feel I can talk to anyone without being a burden.  I was going to talk to some friends yesterday to unload this all on them (lol) but I felt…guilty and needy.  Plus I have this habit of keeping it all inside, so ya know.  xP

That’s also a problem, with my RL friends, I don’t feel like any of them care about me.  I understand.  School and boyfriends come first.  What I don’t get is how they always say they’re busy but they have time to update their status on Facebook.  And they can’t send me a quick “hey, thinking of you” text?  That’s all I want.  Just some acknowledgement that they’re aware of my existence.

My dad got upset at me yesterday (for good reason, I’ll admit) and he kept on saying I was immature and needed to grow up.  That on top of my crappy day I was having- well, it was all I could do to not cry like a baby in front of him.  I mean, I’ll agree, I can be quite stupid and simple-minded often but I don’t think I’m immature.  Guess it’s objective, huh?

I just want to get out of here.

I really loathe myself sometimes.


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  1. 4 words: We Are Almost There.. So close

  2. I wish you’d not feel that way about yourself. You’re still young and have lots of time to figure things out 🙂 I wish also, that I could say something to help some. Just hang in there, things get better, college is such a difficult time in life. Hugs, Autumn

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