Break time!  Two exams today- one practice final and one not final.

I’m actually beginning to understand this.  Thank god.  It’s about time.  I spent hours at Timmy Hos last night studying my notes.  Rawr.  I’m ready to beast this test.  I’m either going to ace this test or completely fail it.

I need to get a really bad grade on the practice final so I can make it up on the final final or…get a really good grade.  The highest I can shoot for is a 3.0 and this final is the one without essay questions so I’m crossing my fingers.

I woke up at 7 this morning (not planned) (and probably due to the coffee and ice capp I had last night)  so I decided to head to my cafe to study some more.

So much to do.  I have to type a paper, study for two, possibly three more exams.  WHEN DOES IT END?!

One more effin week.  Ohmigod, ohmigod.

This hot chocolate is amazing.  It’s the real stuff.  Not salty sugary and not powdered mix.  Legit.

I don’t know if I should bother working out.  I haven’t been since…March.  :/ yours truly

Any carbs go!  Pizza!  Cheesecake!  Ok, just kidding.  I think I have worn out my fast food cravings.  I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in months.  It just sounds completely gross.

Tomorrow tomorrow.  Any exams that I forgot about?  Nope, it’s just movie day in social problems.  Food Inc.  I have the movie at home.  I’m trying to decide if I should skip class and watch the movie at home or go to class and watch it there.  I have the feeling my parents aren’t going to let the first fly.

My phone is stupid. It randomly decided to stop sending messages last night when I was studying-texting with a classmate.  FOOP.

Anywhos.  Overdose on coffee, coming up.  Derp da derp.

I love cafe talk.  Just people chattering.  Huzzah. It’s only 10am.  I could go to TJMaxx and look for bags.  I still need a bag.  Mine’s falling apart.  On the second thought, I just looked at my account.  Never mind, ripped bag it is.

Back to studying…


Procrastinating, rawr

I’ve spent all my time procrastinating today and even going so far as reading people’s blog entries on procrastinating regardless of the looming final exams around the corner, mine included.

Today, I woke up, had a bowl of mac n cheese, waited for a phone call, and here I am…already 3:18.  I have *so* much to do this weekend and I’ve been derping around all day.  Rawr.

Speaking of which, I got a call for a job interview!!!!!  Ok, I won’t hold my breath, it’s only an interview but it sounded like I’m pretty much in.  When I asked the lady if I needed to bring anything, she just said a resume and something about “filling out paperwork” so that sounds awfully good.  I’m going to keep my job at the library though still in case things don’t work out with that job.  Come to think of it, I believe my friend who had worked there before said they gave him lousy hours.  I’m not asking for much, I’m good with 10 hours if anything.  It’ll be twice as much as I make now combined so it’ll be really nice to have a little extra cash.  Then I can actually save up a little for dorm appliances and future phone bills in case I don’t get a job right away when I start college.

Let’s just hope I don’t botch the interview.  I’m horrible at interviews.  Yikes.  I rehearse what I’m going to answer to the normal questions like “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” but anything that I didn’t practice for, I basically stumble.  Be smooth and confident, Katie.  Ooh, if I get it, I can work with coffee!  (Timmy Hos, not Starbucks)

I’m going to go with a co-worker friend to see the Titanic.  First time ever (I’ve gotta catch up on the classics!) and it’s in 3D which I don’t care for all that much but oh wells.  3 hours long O.o  I dunno if I’ll be able to make it.  I usually get ginormous headaches from staring at the TV screen for too long.

It’s kinda gloomy out.  Nice weather but no sun.  Perfect day for staying inside and listening to Louis Armstrong and Amy Winehouse.  Perfect day for…studying.  -__-

This has been my routine…



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OH, a new episode of The Office should be on!

Yes, it is!  Imma go make a cup of Ginger Peach green tea and procrastinate some more!

parting is such a sweet sorrow

I did it.  *sob* I traded in my smartphone for a cheaper one.  Cheaper, not-smartphone phone, that is.  I’m still feeling bittersweet about it.  It was the best decision though.  Not only was it free (except the activation fee), but it’s half of what my bill was before which amounts to about two more full tanks of gas.  Sigh…  I’m proud of myself though.  It was a spur of the moment thing really.  I was thinking about it last night and knew it was something I had to do soon.  I had time today though in between classes and decided I shouldn’t delay it any longer.  I was *just* getting addicted to WordswithFriends.  😦 Le sigh.  At least I still get texting and calling.  Not that anyone really texts or calls me as much as I was expecting when I got a non-prepaid phone.  I’m really going to miss my portable music.  Maybe I can look into getting an iPod now and join the 21st generation.  Okok, no more complaining.  I still have access to everything that was on the phone…except the nice camera and all my photos that I didn’t save and email to myself and WWF andandand.  OKOK, I’m done.  😀  Anyway, I got the LG Rumor Touch and although I read mixed reviews about it, it does what I need it to do.  So there.


This Week

To do lists are boring and mine is no different so feel free to skip over.  I’m just making notes to myself because I’ve got too many going on.  Side note, I cannot study at home.  It’s impossible.  Too many distractions and not enough willpower.


Ok, only three more weeks of school left.  (All right, so Miranda was right, it was a breeze after all, now that I look back.)

Thank god my social psychology teacher is doing a “practice” exam.  I know, I know, what an easy class, I can retake the exam if I want.  It’s saving my butt though because I’m barely passing with a 2.0 (AH!).

I’m expecting an exam in math next week since we’re definitely not having one this week.  We have two more exams and only three weeks.  He’s been giving us exams (up to this point) three weeks apart.  Nice planning.

This week, I need to start prepping.


social psychology- next Tuesday

sociology- May 2nd

math- I have no clue


I’m not really worried about sociology, I’ve just got some papers to write.  Math- uhm, so after I bombed the previous test, my average has dropped to an 80-something % so I need to start getting those 4.0s again to finish the semester up with at most a 3.5.  Yup, definitely gotta pay attention in class now.  Can’t afford to bomb anything.



Tomorrow:  skip class to type paper (aw c’mon, don’t judge…not only is it my first time skipping this class all semester but I’m working on a paper FOR the class)

Tuesday morning: finish paper (due the 23rd)

Thursday: study math

Weekend- study math and psychology

Math and Psych exams the following week.

I like being single, no, really…

Just finished watching “One Day” with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.  It was so good.  I cried.  I’ll spare the details though in case you watch it.  A line Emma (Hathaway) said was, “I’m not lonely, I’m alone.”  You hear it occasionally- that people only pretend to be happy while single because they have to save face and that’s the only future they’ll get.  To a degree, I’ll admit, I had/have my moments where I pretend to bask in my singleness while really envious of the surrounding couples.  I do want that special someone, I mean, it’s pretty expected and not something I can ever convince myself I don’t desire.  However, I’ll take advantage of the life I have now.  I have this thought I can’t shake off- the thought of finding myself, complete with self-love and acceptance.  All that jazz. 🙂 Even if I never end up with a significant other, I truly believe I’ll be happy with myself to the best of my ability.  I need to look into Buddhism and all the Zen related topics when I leave.

I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” last week.  Man, that film always teases my travel itch, well, the travel itch that has potential.  I have this vision that I’ll have an epiphany when I travel and reach those bounds of uncomfortable and the high one gets from constant culture shock and delving into the countries filled with rich and historical backgrounds.

So many of my friends are traveling overseas right now and words cannot describe how anxious I am to make my own journey.



So I got new glasses, yayyy!

My brother said they were the type of glasses girls wear who never get the guys (thanks, bro) and yet he deemed them “sexy, nerdy” glasses so I will take his mixed message for approval.


I hope everyone has a lovely Easter!  I have the whole church thing tomorrow at my old parish, it’ll be nice to go back and see everyone.  My dad’s family and my mom’s parents are coming over so it’ll be a full house.



Power, Love, and War

I hate you, I love you

Go ahead
Punch a hole in the wall
Show me you have it all
Power, love, and war

Make me cry
Make me beg you to stay
Let me swear my love which has never swayed
You heave a sigh and give me a second chance

I love you, I hate you

Treat me with scorn
Don’t listen to anything I say
I am yours, you are mine to obey
Fuck me over until I’m black and blue

You call me stupid
I mess up and I’m to blame
I am yours, yours to tame
Show me how to be, how to be like you