This Week

To do lists are boring and mine is no different so feel free to skip over.  I’m just making notes to myself because I’ve got too many going on.  Side note, I cannot study at home.  It’s impossible.  Too many distractions and not enough willpower.


Ok, only three more weeks of school left.  (All right, so Miranda was right, it was a breeze after all, now that I look back.)

Thank god my social psychology teacher is doing a “practice” exam.  I know, I know, what an easy class, I can retake the exam if I want.  It’s saving my butt though because I’m barely passing with a 2.0 (AH!).

I’m expecting an exam in math next week since we’re definitely not having one this week.  We have two more exams and only three weeks.  He’s been giving us exams (up to this point) three weeks apart.  Nice planning.

This week, I need to start prepping.


social psychology- next Tuesday

sociology- May 2nd

math- I have no clue


I’m not really worried about sociology, I’ve just got some papers to write.  Math- uhm, so after I bombed the previous test, my average has dropped to an 80-something % so I need to start getting those 4.0s again to finish the semester up with at most a 3.5.  Yup, definitely gotta pay attention in class now.  Can’t afford to bomb anything.



Tomorrow:  skip class to type paper (aw c’mon, don’t judge…not only is it my first time skipping this class all semester but I’m working on a paper FOR the class)

Tuesday morning: finish paper (due the 23rd)

Thursday: study math

Weekend- study math and psychology

Math and Psych exams the following week.


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