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parting is such a sweet sorrow

I did it.  *sob* I traded in my smartphone for a cheaper one.  Cheaper, not-smartphone phone, that is.  I’m still feeling bittersweet about it.  It was the best decision though.  Not only was it free (except the activation fee), but it’s half of what my bill was before which amounts to about two more full tanks of gas.  Sigh…  I’m proud of myself though.  It was a spur of the moment thing really.  I was thinking about it last night and knew it was something I had to do soon.  I had time today though in between classes and decided I shouldn’t delay it any longer.  I was *just* getting addicted to WordswithFriends.  😦 Le sigh.  At least I still get texting and calling.  Not that anyone really texts or calls me as much as I was expecting when I got a non-prepaid phone.  I’m really going to miss my portable music.  Maybe I can look into getting an iPod now and join the 21st generation.  Okok, no more complaining.  I still have access to everything that was on the phone…except the nice camera and all my photos that I didn’t save and email to myself and WWF andandand.  OKOK, I’m done.  😀  Anyway, I got the LG Rumor Touch and although I read mixed reviews about it, it does what I need it to do.  So there.


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