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Break time!  Two exams today- one practice final and one not final.

I’m actually beginning to understand this.  Thank god.  It’s about time.  I spent hours at Timmy Hos last night studying my notes.  Rawr.  I’m ready to beast this test.  I’m either going to ace this test or completely fail it.

I need to get a really bad grade on the practice final so I can make it up on the final final or…get a really good grade.  The highest I can shoot for is a 3.0 and this final is the one without essay questions so I’m crossing my fingers.

I woke up at 7 this morning (not planned) (and probably due to the coffee and ice capp I had last night)  so I decided to head to my cafe to study some more.

So much to do.  I have to type a paper, study for two, possibly three more exams.  WHEN DOES IT END?!

One more effin week.  Ohmigod, ohmigod.

This hot chocolate is amazing.  It’s the real stuff.  Not salty sugary and not powdered mix.  Legit.

I don’t know if I should bother working out.  I haven’t been since…March.  :/ yours truly

Any carbs go!  Pizza!  Cheesecake!  Ok, just kidding.  I think I have worn out my fast food cravings.  I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in months.  It just sounds completely gross.

Tomorrow tomorrow.  Any exams that I forgot about?  Nope, it’s just movie day in social problems.  Food Inc.  I have the movie at home.  I’m trying to decide if I should skip class and watch the movie at home or go to class and watch it there.  I have the feeling my parents aren’t going to let the first fly.

My phone is stupid. It randomly decided to stop sending messages last night when I was studying-texting with a classmate.  FOOP.

Anywhos.  Overdose on coffee, coming up.  Derp da derp.

I love cafe talk.  Just people chattering.  Huzzah. It’s only 10am.  I could go to TJMaxx and look for bags.  I still need a bag.  Mine’s falling apart.  On the second thought, I just looked at my account.  Never mind, ripped bag it is.

Back to studying…

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