I have a life again :)

Finals are over with, community college is forever over with, and summer vacation begins.

I’m pretty sure I passed all of my classes… Two grades posted, two more to go.

I cannot express how relieved I am that my two years are over with.  Soon I’ll be out of this house, out of this town, and up in the beautiful north.

Orientation is in 11 days and my birthday in 12.  Two things to look forward to. 🙂

I already celebrated and spring cleaned my closet and watched Larry Crowne (<hilarious).  I was supposed to meet with the gang tomorrow but it’s been postponed.

O’s mood has been improving slightly, I’m so glad.  I was really down for a few days and I couldn’t stand how miserable and self-defeating I felt.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

It’s also raining and thundering.  Perfect. ♥

I did all of my drug testing and completed my paperwork for Whaley’s so my training should begin as soon as the medical center sends my results.

Right now, I just want to have some “me” time.  No talking to friends, just a night full of music and relaxation.


I made a list of stuff I want to do over the summer:

Get a job

Fill out scholarships

Spend more time with the grandparents

Volunteer at Whaley’s

Start going through stuff in my room, decluttering and such since I have no idea what’s going to happen to my room after I leave

Get rid of my school stack on my shelf

Figure out what to do with all of the textbooks the store wouldn’t buy back and now I’m stuck with them (bonfire, anyone?)

Read the car manual (I’m tired of not knowing anything about the vehicle I drive)

Buy dorm stuff (which I can’t do until the end of July/beginning of August since I won’t get the letter telling me where I’m even living till then)

Get a haircut

Start caring about the way I look

Start shopping at thrift stores again

Take brother shopping for school clothes

Stop buying things until August

Convince dad to let me take over the cooking so I can make something healthier (fries and polish sausage are getting kind of old)


Random note:  I always hated when people said they were too busy to read during the school year, I just thought they were excuses but I haven’t read nearly as much as I have.  Partially due to interwebs herpin derpin but that’s a dumber reason.  Ah well, I can read now!

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