I’m at the cafe, so it seems only suitable that I update my blog.  🙂

I was supposed to be out with friends tonight but unfortunately, our plans never work out.  People ditch and alas, here I am on  a Friday night by myself.  Oh well, it was better than going to the movies alone.  Going to the movies alone on a Friday night is next to the worst things you can do to yourself besides walking around all day with your fly unzipped.  It’s like going to restaurants by yourself on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, I decided to get out of my parents’ hairs since my brother’s gone.  Let them have a few hours of peace… most likely they’ll be doing the same thing if I were home anyhow- reading books.  That’s as far as my imagination is going, folks.

Apparently there is some poetry reading going on with a bunch of gothic-dressed girls doing the show?  I don’t know, I’m not in the other room.  I should have went, it might have been interesting.

Okey dokey, so car is completely cleaned and I just have to fill it up with gas.  Between gas and my phone bill, I’ve already used up most of my paycheck.  Grawr.

Oh, so it looks like I’m never going to get that volunteering position.  After all that work I did and the trouble I went through to get my recommendations, SIGH.  The lady called yesterday and she said that she had to fill the clerical position with someone else because something or other and that I’d have to do something else, like sorting clothes.  Argh.  I’m disappointed but it might work out anyway since I’d have to be driving out to Flint everyday and my dad would complain sooner or later.  Between work and everything else, it’s probably best I stick around.

This is awkward, lots of people standing around.  Typing to look busy and important, haha.

Mom and I are headed up north on Sunday, I’m super excited, even if we are only going to be in the town for only 24 hours.  Lovedelovedelove.

Actually…I think I’m gonna be social and go hear the poetry reading.


Later edit, I have to have a ticket, never minds.  And I forgot to add a title.  Le sigh.  So here I am, drinking my club soda, derping around.  It’s such a nice night!  Lovely.


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