I’m feeling human enough to update my blog again!

Sunday morning, my mom and I woke up at 7 to start our roadtrip.  We were on the road by 8, to the bridge by noon, and to the hotel by 3:30.

After freshening up a little, we crossed the road to none other than the library.  (We just can’t get enough of them-sarcasm.)  It really was an awesome library.  It made ours look pathetic.  They had three floors, a cafe, computer lab, and they even alphabetize their titles by exact order!  I’m such a geek.  I try so hard to do that but it’s really hard only having half the people on board with your neatness scheme.  I’m definitely applying and crossing my fingers.  There weren’t any current positions open but the girl there said she was leaving soon.  I didn’t find the idea of working in the library yet again very appealing but I think I could make this work. 😀

We then went to a cafe and I had a half of a pesto grilled cheese tomato sandwich and a salad.  Thai-garlic dressing was superb.

Prepping for the next day, we drove around campus trying to figure out the best parking plan.  I showed her around the loop but we didn’t take our time because we were too busy trying to find a bathroom!  We walked downtown a bit and came back and had a piece of raspberry chocolate cake for dessert.  By 8pm, we decided to call it a night.

Monday was orientation!  We checked in at 8:30- she left to go on the tour while I wandered off to ask about employment.

All of the transfer students met in the auditorium.  It wasn’t until near the end that we separated into our majors to schedule for classes.  I got some classes picked out and I still have to choose a couple more.  It just feels so much more official.

We left by 3:30 and drove back.  We weren’t going to drive all the way back, and I certainly wasn’t planning to drive 700 miles in two days but it happened anyway.  Only with lots of coffee was I able to last the whole way through.  (My sleeping schedule was totally jacked the next day.)  We got home at 11pm.  I’ll admit, I did enjoy the time I had with my mom the whole trip through.  I’m really glad she came with me, it would have been awkward being by myself and I appreciated the company.

Well, that was my last time at the campus until move in day!  In all, I’ve spent about 48 hours there, not much time but quite enough to determine that it’s gonna be great.

Yesterday was my birthday!  While turning 20 is nothing spectacular, at least I can say I’m no longer a teenager!  I got basil plants 😀  Yes, I was immensely pleased and named them Lindy and Max, my rosemary plant-Bob, and my oregano-Mary.  Don’t make fun. -_-   Imma make yummy pesto outta them!

I’m off to bed, I’m still awfully tired.  I have to get up early to make up for my hours I missed on Monday so that should be jolly.  At least it’s only till 3, my Thursday won’t be totally ruined!

Au revoir, my lovelies!


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  1. Happy Birthday my dear!!! Many blessings to your studies and new life!!!!

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