Life Update

I wish I could say my frequent absences are a sign of me being busy with life and working my butt off to make this summer the most productive one ever in my lifetime.  Key words- “I wish.”

I can’t believe it’s mid-June already.  Soon it’ll be the beginning of July and then I’ll be getting my room/mate assignment and the process will seem even more real as I start shopping.

I picked up 4 job applications today in person and I have to fill out even more tonight on the stores’ sites.  I really want another job.  With this vintage dress obsession, I’ve been itching to shop so with a little more cash in my pocket, I could afford (and save) more than the necessities.

Volunteering has been swell.  I’m being put in charge of the whole sorting and organizing upstairs since I said I wouldn’t mind finishing it.  My supervisor was thrilled and said she’d get more people to help which I don’t care either way.

I started reading “Buddha is as Buddha does” and it’s definitely a motivational guide to life.  I like how the author makes the message clear.  It’s so hard though.  Being generous may not seem as hard as it sounds but gosh, being truly selfless and all of that- well, I’m taking my time…chapter by chapter.  I might have to buy the book with the time this process is going to take.  No sense in moving on until the lesson is completed.  I could really dig this Buddhism stuff though.

Welp, I should go complete some application before I turn in for the night.





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