I hate titles

I got two extra hours added to my schedule which doesn’t sound like much of a bother but hey, I’ll take that extra $28 on my paycheck.  I’m still waiting to hear from the places I applied.  If I even get a call… *crosses fingers*  Shoot, that reminds me, I have to go in an hour early tomorrow, gotta remember that!

I finished the upstairs today!  I don’t mean to brag, but it looks pretty darn good.  I don’t know what they’re going to have me do when I go in on Friday since the front desk is still occupied.

It’s so hot and my parents don’t believe in air conditioning so I camped downstairs most of the time I’ve been home.  It’s musty smelling but I get used to it.  I think I might take some initiative and clean it tomorrow.  Mess bugs me.

Andddd I probably won’t get much sleep tonight since I drank a 32oz Mtn Dew slushy earlier.  Le sigh.

I can’t believe tomorrow’s Wednesday already.  I have to admit, after Wednesdays, which are my last day to work in the week, time flies by.

Only 9 weeks left till move in. 🙂  I made lists because that’s what I do and I just wish they’d give me more than only three weeks to get ready!

I have almost every Thursday, which is my only free weekday, filled with appointments that need to be taken care of before I leave.  GAH!

Fireflies were out tonight!

And another random note, I had the most delicious sandwich today, oh my goodness.  pesto and chicken served on a rosemary ciabatta- yummm!


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