New Start

Here’s to moving on…

I deleted O off my phone and off Facebook.  Usually it doesn’t take such drastic measures for me to get over someone but I needed to do it.  I feel a bit better.  Not as desperate.

I’m being social tonight and getting together with some friends tonight!  Looking forward to that pool (it’s 90F here)…

Also, I made my first batch of pesto with my basil plants!  The future recipes need tweaking but it was a tasty start!

Happy July 1st!



Later note:

This night was awesome.  Road trip to nowhere, TBell, and music blaring.  I’m beat…


One Response

  1. Sometimes cutting someone completely out is a step in the right direction. Sure it will hurt like hell, but hey– it’ll make us better. Not to mention that there is some one out there that won’t be a tool [from what I’m gathering] out there, so you won’t ever have to delete them out of your phone and Facebook. 🙂


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