Getting there…

I leave in two weeks.  TWO weeks!  Holy crapola.  I just started packing this (technically last) night and filled two and a half large totes.  I have concluded in the process that I have too much crap and that maybe it’s time to seriously get rid of the things I’m leaving behind.  Maybe I could ask my mom to dump everything I leave into a bag and see if I miss it when I get back.

I haven’t received my roommate assignment yet (grr) but my mom and I did manage to find out that I got my first choice dorm room!!!  Huzzah!  This means I have to add kitchenware onto my shopping list.  At least I can start on something…

I can’t believe I have two weeks left.  Where did all the time go?  1/4 of me is excited, 1/4 is nervous, and the other 1/2 just hasn’t sunk in yet.  Holy wow, this is happening.


One Response

  1. You’re almost there! Speaking from experience, the nerves may get the best of you, but it will be soooo worth it! HERE’S TO A NEW START! *cheers* 🙂


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