Final Week

I just need to clear my head a little bit.

Wow.  This is it.  My final week in Flint.  I’m so nervous.

Also, goodbyes suck.  I told my grandparents I’d stop by on Friday to say bye because I didn’t want to do it today.  I feel like I’ve gotten closer to them and I’m really going to miss them.

I’ve lived in this house for the majority of my life- 14 years.  The only time I’ve ever been away from home for a bit of time was years ago to a week long camp.  Agh!  I don’t have a sister so I’ve never had to share a bedroom with anyone.  I’ve never walked into a blind situation like that.  I have gotten to know my roommate a little bit though and she seems pretty nice outside of liking country music and being a “redneck” (her word, not mine).  I’m trying to overlook that flaw 😉

The thing is, I won’t be coming home until November.  Shit, that’s a long time.  My brother’s been clingy (which I don’t mind).  He’s leaving for his camp on Wednesday and we’re picking him up on Sunday, camping as a family, and then dropping me off on Thursday.  We spent the day together yesterday and today but it won’t be the same.  I feel bad for him (and me, haha) since he’ll be all by himself with Mom and Dad which isn’t the most fun thing in the world.  Poor guy.

I’m looking forward to it all, I really am.  It’s just that everything’s going to be happening at once and in the extreme.  Seven hours away from home, no car to come home, barely anyone I know, gah.

Oh, btw, on a happy note, I did get the dorm I wanted.  Apartment style, yay!  At least a little home cooking will make everything better.  🙂

I’m just torn between anxiety and excitement.

I have a phone interview with the school newspaper for an ad rep, I hope it goes well, I really need a job.


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