Settled in!

Much to tell!

Since Sunday afternoon, my family and I have been camping at a site in town, about three minutes from campus.  We’ve mostly stuck around town, just visiting the isle and walking around downtown.

On Thursday, I moved my things into my dorm.  The dorm is definitely spacious but we still don’t have quite enough room to fit the TV yet.  We’ll work on that later.

My roommate is pretty cool!  The country music thing seems so small now.  She’s really friendly and has a sense of humour, thank goodness.  It’s kinda funny because when I look over, I’m seeing a camouflage hunting jacket and a package of beef jerky!  I definitely think we’ll get along though.

It’s so loud next to where we are.  They’re doing construction on the building next to us and these huge trucks are driving by constantly.

There’s a hike later to the farmer’s market but I dunno if I’m going to do that since it’s my family’s last whole day in town.  I’d kinda rather be with them but I don’t know if that’s due to tentativeness of trying new things.  My mom kept telling me, “Try to be more social!”  Arghh, not one of my better qualities.  I have plenty of time to be social, no?  Awkwardooh, I just remembered I have leftover Cheetos!  No Cheetos for breakfast, Katie.

Oh, so I was making a delicious stir fry last night but alas, my stovetop didn’t work to my befuddlement.  Of course it wasn’t until after I filled out the repair slip for the maintenance guy, that I realized turning the power switch to “on” would have helped a lot.  Sigh.

In all fairness, this week and last (and probably this coming) have been exhausting.

And I got my new computer, yay!  I learned my lesson about the battery….

Must start being responsible soon.  Classes start on Tuesday, I’ve got so much to get together before then- thank you cards, strategic planning for ad sales, gah!’

Oh, and one thing I thought that was weird, when I had biked over to my parents’ trailer, I felt this weird uncomfortable feeling I get in the pit of my stomach.  Like when you’re in a stranger’s home and you feel out of place.  Maybe that’s a good thing since this room is going to be (part of) my life but I never thought I’d feel out of place with my family.  Weird. O.o


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