“Man, I was so fucked up last night,” he said while shaking his head.

Is it just me or does anyone else not understand?  I’ve had my fair share of drinks but I know my limit and when I’ve had enough.  I don’t need to be acting like a fool or blacking out.  Maybe it’s just my naivety.

It’s also annoying when people have “serious” conversations while drunk.  Don’t tell me that you guys are talking about “serious stuff” when the both of you are drunk and wouldn’t be having the same conversation sober.

On a more positive note, I just got back from a brisk stroll around town with a friend.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  He speaks his mind but he’s not socially awkward like a lot of the people around here.  I hung out with him this morning because I didn’t end up sleeping much.

Cuddle buddies-I need one.  No sex, don’t care if it’s a guy or girl, I’ve decided you can’t beat cuddling.

Currently debating on whether or not I should go to breakfast or sleep…

Ooh, the sky was gorgeous.  So many stars out.  Wish I had a suitable, expensive camera to take pics.