It finally happened

So I kinda went on my first date today 🙂

It went pretty well!  I liked him and he was super nice.  I felt bad for him though because I was awkward and didn’t know what to say when the conversation lapsed.  He was good at coming up with stuff anyhow.

One question that I always get asked and it’s a little annoying.  When people find out that I’ve never had a boyfriend and they ask, “Why not?”

It’s not like I chose it to be that way.  No one’s ever asked.

Anyway, I don’t know if we’re meeting again.  Probably, but I didn’t know it was protocol to set up another date after the first one ended.  I don’t know if he would do it again. *shrugs* It was definitely fun though and I broke my first-date-ginity.  We are SO much alike in music though.  I hope he sticks around just for that.  He even listens to Stars!

Twas indeed a pleasant day.

Newest additions to my family are: my baby- Olympia typewriter and some books- Eat, Pray, Love, and No Touch Monkey!