Power, Love, and War

I hate you, I love you

Go ahead
Punch a hole in the wall
Show me you have it all
Power, love, and war

Make me cry
Make me beg you to stay
Let me swear my love which has never swayed
You heave a sigh and give me a second chance

I love you, I hate you

Treat me with scorn
Don’t listen to anything I say
I am yours, you are mine to obey
Fuck me over until I’m black and blue

You call me stupid
I mess up and I’m to blame
I am yours, yours to tame
Show me how to be, how to be like you


Promise Unspoken

“if” became “when”

It seemed almost real

Just changing that wording

Like a promise unspoken

We made plans to meet next summer

We chattered excitedly about the things we’d do

The hikes we’d take

The city we would roam

But now…it all seems like a lot of nothing

Just words

Stop talking and show me

Uniform Life

How uniform life seems to be

Even without the rules and regulations

We humans are so caught up with the order of things

And the goddamn procedures that we don’t even notice

When the barriers are down

We’re like cows

Placidly chewing,

Grouped together

No cow eats alone


Everything is so different anymore,

It all seems normal

In of the ordinary

Puppets on a stick

Each dressed differently but all in the same act



Always a Purpose

Feeling misunderstood

And completely alone

Ironically, he’s more similar than

Different compared to the rest of

These aimless souls

Who are scrambling to find the ultimate meaning

The reason for why they are living

To comfort themselves

With a purpose

We can’t possibly be alive for the sake of

Never accomplishing something

Ah, we love to have a purpose

No one talks for the sake of exercising their voice

There is ALWAYS a purpose


We Remember

Footsteps on the ground

What do they become?

What do we become?

Marked by stars and



We cling to remnants of the past

Wanting to physically mold them

So when they become nothing more

Than a whisper from the past,

We can look back and reassure

Ourselves that we remember

Beatles Boy

The little boy stood at
The top of the slide.
Beating his fists to his chest,
He proudly screamed, “I AM the walrus!”
The mixture of scornful and vacant stares from the surrounding audience
Did not deter him
As he slide down, wearing a triumphant grin.


Lately I’ve been in a listless mood.  I haven’t been in the mood to really talk to anyone and I’ve been listening to my Amy Winehouse Pandora station constantly.  I’m not really depressed.  I’m just tired.  Oh, RIP Etta James.  😦 She had such a lovely voice, I’ve heard a couple of her songs today too.

So far my diet’s been going well.  I had stir fry for breakfast/lunch.  It’s not really good to be in a funk when I’m supposed to be watching what I eat.  For example, the Keebler stash I have in my closet and the ice cream and pizza rolls in the freezer are so tempting.

Argh, my posts are so dumb sometimes.  I really started a new blog to talk about important nonsense rather than blather on about my life.  I’ll post a poem I wrote earlier to make up for it.

Ooh, At Last by Etta James 🙂 I think my Pandora station somehow knows she died…I’ve never heard this much in an hour by her before.

Love is as addicting as crack
Withdrawal can leave you shaking
So much that you don’t even know if
You control your body anymore
How good it felt
And you’re so tempted to inject yourself again
To feel that high
And lose that feeling of worthlessness and misery that
Accompanies your life
Except there’s only two options-
Love or loveless
Because you can’t bear jumping between those two
So you say, “Fuck this shit.”
And condemn yourself to a life full of recovering
From that broken heart
Until you can’t resist any longer
And stab the needle into your arm.