I refuse to make references to the future with you.

I’m not bitter.

I just learned my lesson.

I should have listened to you when you said you don’t make plans ahead of time.


When life was simple

I remember when all I wanted was to smell as good as my mom after her bubble baths and do the dishes like my dad.  Go ahead and laugh but when I was younger and not allowed to do the washing part, the way my dad did it was so mesmerizing.

Just heard from my aunt today that my grandpa wants to have a going away dinner with the family before I leave.  :((((  So incredibly sweet.  I’m really going to miss my grandparents.

I haven’t really been in the blogging mood lately, hence why I never write and just stalk.  Sorry.  I’m super bored and I have the feeling I’m not going to get much sleep tonight.  I drank a cup (composed of three) of coffee this evening.  Dumb idea.  I never learn.

I used to be intelligent…

I used to read Dickens.

I used to read, period.

I mean, I still do, but not as much as I did.

I’ve never felt a passion for anything.  (Is that normal?  I haven’t even had an obsession with a band or an author, let alone the bigger stuff like life.)

I’ve never been motivated.  I’ve always settled for “average.”  Part of me doesn’t like setting high standards but most of it’s laziness.

My life is what I make of it and right now it’s boring.

I also said something to my brother today that even made me ashamed of hitting below the belt.  Why can’t I grow up?

It just seems like I take one step forward and two steps backwards.

My brain cells are dying.


New Start

Here’s to moving on…

I deleted O off my phone and off Facebook.  Usually it doesn’t take such drastic measures for me to get over someone but I needed to do it.  I feel a bit better.  Not as desperate.

I’m being social tonight and getting together with some friends tonight!  Looking forward to that pool (it’s 90F here)…

Also, I made my first batch of pesto with my basil plants!  The future recipes need tweaking but it was a tasty start!

Happy July 1st!



Later note:

This night was awesome.  Road trip to nowhere, TBell, and music blaring.  I’m beat…

I hate titles

I got two extra hours added to my schedule which doesn’t sound like much of a bother but hey, I’ll take that extra $28 on my paycheck.  I’m still waiting to hear from the places I applied.  If I even get a call… *crosses fingers*  Shoot, that reminds me, I have to go in an hour early tomorrow, gotta remember that!

I finished the upstairs today!  I don’t mean to brag, but it looks pretty darn good.  I don’t know what they’re going to have me do when I go in on Friday since the front desk is still occupied.

It’s so hot and my parents don’t believe in air conditioning so I camped downstairs most of the time I’ve been home.  It’s musty smelling but I get used to it.  I think I might take some initiative and clean it tomorrow.  Mess bugs me.

Andddd I probably won’t get much sleep tonight since I drank a 32oz Mtn Dew slushy earlier.  Le sigh.

I can’t believe tomorrow’s Wednesday already.  I have to admit, after Wednesdays, which are my last day to work in the week, time flies by.

Only 9 weeks left till move in. 🙂  I made lists because that’s what I do and I just wish they’d give me more than only three weeks to get ready!

I have almost every Thursday, which is my only free weekday, filled with appointments that need to be taken care of before I leave.  GAH!

Fireflies were out tonight!

And another random note, I had the most delicious sandwich today, oh my goodness.  pesto and chicken served on a rosemary ciabatta- yummm!

Life Update

I wish I could say my frequent absences are a sign of me being busy with life and working my butt off to make this summer the most productive one ever in my lifetime.  Key words- “I wish.”

I can’t believe it’s mid-June already.  Soon it’ll be the beginning of July and then I’ll be getting my room/mate assignment and the process will seem even more real as I start shopping.

I picked up 4 job applications today in person and I have to fill out even more tonight on the stores’ sites.  I really want another job.  With this vintage dress obsession, I’ve been itching to shop so with a little more cash in my pocket, I could afford (and save) more than the necessities.

Volunteering has been swell.  I’m being put in charge of the whole sorting and organizing upstairs since I said I wouldn’t mind finishing it.  My supervisor was thrilled and said she’d get more people to help which I don’t care either way.

I started reading “Buddha is as Buddha does” and it’s definitely a motivational guide to life.  I like how the author makes the message clear.  It’s so hard though.  Being generous may not seem as hard as it sounds but gosh, being truly selfless and all of that- well, I’m taking my time…chapter by chapter.  I might have to buy the book with the time this process is going to take.  No sense in moving on until the lesson is completed.  I could really dig this Buddhism stuff though.

Welp, I should go complete some application before I turn in for the night.




Sunshine all over the place :)

I was moved from answering phones to sorting clothes for a temporary time which I actually don’t mind because hanging clothes is more “fun” than sitting at a desk for hours.

Oh my word, what a mess.  I’ll take pictures later.  This is going to be so much fun.  I’m being serious.  It’s my kind of thing- organizing and cleaning.  I was just lacking my showtunes to make it perfect.  Tuesday will be better.  People come in and dump the clothes and leave, giving you a sort of an idea of how horrible it is.  I’m going to make this place look awesome by the time I’m done with it.

Granted, it’s grub work for the lowly.  The employed got cutbacks so no one else has time to clean it up, therefore, lucky me gets the job!

Speaking of which, I need to start logging in my volunteer hours.   (later- done)

Apparently, O isn’t mad at me but we still haven’t talked for weeks.  I think he has a girlfriend or something which I really wouldn’t mind, I just want him to be happy.  He deserves to be happy.

My brother’s 8th grade graduation was tonight.  I can’t believe he’s in high school now.  Wow.  At least he’s out for summer!  Yayness.

I love all of this rain.

I’m going to start working out again.  I’m going to try Zumba classes on Monday and Wednesday and I’ll work out before volunteering on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I think that’ll function quite well.  I can’t dance though so we’ll see how that goes.  Time to get serious about exercising.

My co-worker’s pregnant!!!  I’m so happy for her. 😀  She’s gonna be a mommy.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t wait for my turn.

I’m really liking life right now.  I don’t know why I’m in such a good mood lately.  I’ll take it. 😀